MIHO Japanese Mixed Media Painter

MIHO is an artist aspiring to bring comfort, dreams, and happiness to the world through her art. She was born in Tokyo in 1971 and spent her childhood in Los Angeles. Her first encounter with STAR WARS shocked her, thus inspiring her to enjoy putting her imagination into paintings. After moving back to Japan, she became attracted to the world of singing and dance. She performed on stage at the Takarazuka Revue in her 20s, where she relished bringing dreams and joy to the audience. In 2017, she started painting again. Even amid the challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic, she continued her artistic activity by participating in several solo and group exhibitions both offline and online every year. She hopes that her art will contribute to a peaceful and better world. She creates acrylic and oil works, sometimes decorated with natural stones, using animals, plants, and all sorts of beautiful things as motifs. Having begun publishing digital work on HEXANFT in 2022, she keeps on creating with her horizons broadened.